No-one in my family will admit that my sister has an eating disorder. It’s just how things are with us, I think. Once I had a therapist ask who I’d phone in a crisis – I like that, “crisis”, that little verbal sleight-of-hand that both covers and implies all the falling apart, bullet in glass, vomit and blood awfulness that a crisis actually involves. I said I’d phone the Samaritans.

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do you remember walking on the beach together
last december?
the wind was a thin wail, numbing us,
carding cold fingers through our hair
until you were blue with it.
the tide sliding out until
wreckage and bits of driftwood rose out of the water
like bones shyly showing through skin.

please eat, i wanted to tell you,
please, just eat.
but you could no more just eat
than i could swallow the entire sea.

Cool things I read this week – 21/10

‘Mental Patient’ Halloween Costumes – a scientific guide to dressing accurately – “To dress like someone with serious depression, just wear your normal clothes. But you should take several hours to put them on due to a chronic low mood and almost complete lack of motivation.”

It happened to me: I found my photo on a thinspo blog – a great piece on fatness and self-love

Tomb of the Unknown Refugees – many of the refugees who die on their way to Europe end up buried in the outskirts of Calais, sometimes in graves that are barely marked

In the shadow of ISIS: a photo essay on Northern Iraq