Super cool things to read (feminist edition)

I wanted to call this “Things I read that I loved”, and then I realised that I stole that phrase directly from Autostraddle.

Damage, by Mariya Karimjee – Our media sources talk about FGM a lot, but rarely include the voices of people who have actually survived it. This article is phenomenal – it takes a deeper, more human look at an issue which is far more complex than most media sources allow.

The Unified Theory of Ophelia: On Women, Writing, and Mental Illness, by B.N. Harris – A good look at the “mad lady writer” trope and dismissal.

The Fugly Dyke Chronicles – How Getting Trolled About My Insecurities is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to My Self Esteem, by Heather Hogan – To be honest, this just made me cry and cry and cry, and that is all I am willing to say about it. Go and read it.

And finally, two linked articles – Gamer Gate and the ‘Promise of Happiness’ (I’m not sure of the author for this one – apologies!) and On Nerd Entitlement, by Laurie Penny – Both of these articles take a good look at nerd culture, and why childhood trauma doesn’t erase male privilege.


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