All I ever wanted was to crave you,
to filter out the hollow caves
and crashing waves of sound,
to leave the shore for the depths
and deeper.
All I wanted was to swallow you whole,
but you’re barely a mouthful,
barely a breath,
barely there
at all.


Refugee Camp

There is no point in me writing this poem, because
you have already written it yourself,
in your head

or else the papers have written it for you
in their solid black headlines, their grimy stock photos
their facts.

Imagine a face. What colour is it?
Imagine a pair of shoes. A shirt. A dirt path.
Fires. Laughter.
Imagine a helping hand. What colour is it?

Even as you read this, you know that it is written in white ink.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that makes it neutral.


do you remember walking on the beach together
last december?
the wind was a thin wail, numbing us,
carding cold fingers through our hair
until you were blue with it.
the tide sliding out until
wreckage and bits of driftwood rose out of the water
like bones shyly showing through skin.

please eat, i wanted to tell you,
please, just eat.
but you could no more just eat
than i could swallow the entire sea.