Cool things I read this week – 21/10

‘Mental Patient’ Halloween Costumes – a scientific guide to dressing accurately – “To dress like someone with serious depression, just wear your normal clothes. But you should take several hours to put them on due to a chronic low mood and almost complete lack of motivation.”

It happened to me: I found my photo on a thinspo blog – a great piece on fatness and self-love

Tomb of the Unknown Refugees – many of the refugees who die on their way to Europe end up buried in the outskirts of Calais, sometimes in graves that are barely marked

In the shadow of ISIS: a photo essay on Northern Iraq



Cool things I read this week

What it’s like to be queer and Muslim – photo series by Samra Habib, documenting the lives of queer Muslims living in North America and Europe

Ketchup sandwiches, and other things stupid poor people eat – article by Anastasia Basil exploring what it is to be poor in the US today

My night out in Cleveland with the worst men on the internet – feminist journalist Laurie Penny is invited to “the gayest neo-fascist rally at the Republican national convention”, with other attendees including Milo Yiannopoulos and RoK’s RooshV.

Photoseries by Donato Di Camillo, who became a photographer whilst in prison

The queer poor aesthetic – article by Shak’ar Mujukian exploring the invisibility and erasure of working class people in theoretically inclusive queer spaces. Quite a good read, although you definitely have to filter out the jargon a bit.